Logitech Alert™ 750e Outdoor Master System

Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master Security Camera System with Night Vision

Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master Security Camera System with Night Vision

Weatherproof, night-vision video security. Set it up yourself, count on it when you need it.

Want to Build Your Own System?

We’ll walk you through four easy steps to help you configure your own Logitech Alert™ Security System—and make sure you have everything you need.

A complete video security system in a box.

Peace of mind in a box Weatherproof, night-vision video security

The Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master System comes with everything you need to help protect what’s important to you: a smart, weatherproof camera with wide-angle night vision, powerful Windows and Mac software and a free remote viewing account.

Weatherproof with 100 ft. night vision.

With high power night vision illumination and a weatherproof design you can easily recognize people and objects at greater distances- day or night, rain or shine.

High-Powered Night Vision – Many Offer, Only Logitech Delivers
A video-security system is only as good as the video it captures
When night falls, if your cameras can’t capture video that allows you to recognize people and objects,then you aren’t getting the security you need. To address this concern, many analog and IP camera manufacturers have designed systems with Infrared (IR) illumination.
overviewbigimgInfrared (IR) light is a spectrum of light (invisible to the human eye) that many video-security cameras use to capture video at night or in spaces (such as a garage) with poor or no lighting at all. Cameras with Infrared illumination are termed “Night vision” cameras.
Cameras that use Infrared illumination with night vision technology makes it possible for you to see what’s going on in complete darkness.
However, not all night-vision cameras are created equal.
Few important factors:
logitech-alert-750e-outdoor-master-system-gallery-8the power of the IR illuminators,
the presence of an Infrared (IR) cut filter, and whether or not the
security camera IR illuminators match the Field of View (FOV) of the camera lens.
   logitech-alert-750e-outdoor-master-system-gallery-2 logitech-alert-750e-outdoor-master-system-gallery-3logitech-alert-750e-outdoor-master-system-gallery-6 logitech-alert-750e-outdoor-master-system-gallery-4 logitech-alert-750e-outdoor-master-system-gallery-5  logitech-alert-750e-outdoor-master-system-gallery-7   overviewbigimg_002 overviewbigimg_003  overviewbigimg_005 overviewbigimg_006 overviewbigimg_007  overviewbigimg_009 overviewbigimg_010 overviewbigimg_011 overviewbigimg_012   Powerful Illumination — see up to 100ft* in complete darkness
To help you identify people and objects more clearly in the dark, Logitech Alert includes the high-quality night vision technology—from the world leader in LED lights, Osram AG. Osram night vision technology is used by the world’s top automobile brands, including BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen
overviewbigimg_013Making sure illumination and FOV match
Most Infrared illuminators used in security cameras are “off-the-shelf” parts whose selection criteria are based more on economics than performance.
And because IR Illuminators have many uses beyond security camera – they aren’t typically optimized to match the camera that they are used in. When used in security cameras, Infrared illumination leaves the camera as a beam of invisible light.
overviewbigimg_014Like shining a spotlight into a small space, the illumination beams of most security camera IR illuminators are typically narrower than the field of view of the camera they are used in. The result is a pronounced “spotlight”
that manifests itself in the center of the camera’s image. The spotlight makes the image appear to be very bright near the center and as you travel to the outer bounds of the cameras field of view, the image becomes noticeably darker making it harder to identify objects. To ensure that you get the full benefit of our 130-degree wide-angle lens, Logitech Alert cameras use Infrared illuminators that have been specially chosen to match the FOV of the camera lens. overviewbigimg_015
As a result, you’ll be sure to enjoy a consistently sharp video across the entire image without the spotlight issue found in many other cameras with night vision

No new wires. No hassles.

overviewbigimg_004Setup is simple, using your existing electrical outlets and wiring to connect your camera to your network and transmit video.

In addition to High Definition video, mobile alerts and many other features,
every Logitech Alert system includes HomePlug powerline — the key ingredient
providing easy installation, reliable data transmission, and wired network
fidelity. HomePlug achieves this by leveraging the existing electrical wiring run
throughout your home to network the cameras to your computer and beyond
— minimizing the long cable runs or complex network configuration that come
with most other so-called do-it-yourself solutions.